Recreational tour

Terra Albona
Autunno 2019



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Mountain tour

The route is intended for endurance bicyclists, to provide an adventurous and different experience through vivid landscapes.


The track consists of an asphalted substrate, macadam and a forest path, which gives the opportunity to get acquainted with the landscape of the Labin region. The route length is usually about 35 km. For those who get stuck on that route or do not make it to the finish line, a “pick up” vehicle will be organized.

About us


Terra Albona is an incentive for your healthy life on two wheels through the lively scenery of the Labin area and its surroundings!

Participants of Terra Albona are visiting family farms on their bikes, where a real gourmet offer is awaiting them complemented with a pleasant and relaxed atmosphere!


Professionals from our bicycle clubs tend that the entire biking process is carried out in the best possible way.

Generations aged 2 to 75 have tried out the Terra Albona route so far, it’s time you try it as well!

Homo peljat bicikletu! (Let’s ride the bike!, Istrian dialect)